Concept and Performance | Elena Boillat

Sound Collaborator Federica Furlani


Winner project Mediation in Dance 2017 

Support |  DECS RESO

Press | Le Temps  

Have you ever spent more than 2 minutes in front of a work of art... ... and tried to dance it?

Starting from this question, the artist conducts the research into the union between observation, relationship and emotion, questioning the mechanisms underlying the perceptive vision of a work of art and how these influence the condition of the body placed in front of it. 

MIMESIS is an empathic act between two people: the artist and the spectator (who also becomes the creator)

through an interactive experience in theatrical venues, museums and exhibition spaces.

National project selected for TANZ FEST 2019

Arsenic Lausanne

Schule für Kunst und Design Zurich

Espace Shilling Neuchâtel

Training project selected for the Department of Public Education 2019

Musée Ariana Genève 

Regional project selected for mediation dance call Ticino 2017 | 2018 

Ghisla Art Collection Locarno

Festival Ticino in Danza Mendrisio

i2a Istituto Architettura Lugano

Museo Masi Lugano 

MACT CACT Centro Arte Contemporanea Bellinzona